Jamie is one of the UK’s most aspiring filmmakers and photographers, well loved for his true approach to creativity and storytelling. His work has taken him around the world, from Barcelona and Cannes, to his home town of London. 


With his passion firmly grounded for photography and video production, Jamie has also been successful for his YouTube Channel. He has an unbridled enthusiasm with a driven personality that sees him working with some of the industries best companies, as well as being selected to work directly alongside the likes of Adobe and Machinima.

"One of the greatest things about creating any form of content is sharing with the world."

- Jamie Whiffen

It doesn’t stop there. Jamie is one of the few people lucky enough to have had experience in many genres and professions, allowing him to grasp hold of an idea or concept fast with a creative or distributive-based response.


Much of this success started when Jamie created his own YouTube channel called 'Whiffen' at age 10, creating technology tutorials and gaming videos. This threw him into the world of video editing, creating graphics, producing compelling voice over and distributing via social media. These skills have only grown as he has, being there early on in the internet video world has given him a unique and historic mind set when approaching video creation.


This offers an honest approach to his work which has created an appetite for motivated professionals seeking to gain his insight and knowledge.

Who Am I?


Jamie Whiffen


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